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When you’re flying with your family or friends, there’s a lot more to think about than just great low-cost fares. So to make absolutely sure that our leisure customers keep coming back to us again and again we’ve launched a brand new service. Designed to make flying even easier, our service saves leisure flyers time, hassle and money. We call our service FlyPlus.


To find our great FlyPlus prices complete the search form to the right you will see the FlyPlus on the fare results page.


There are five plus points which make up the FlyPlus service and each one has been chosen with families and leisure travellers in mind.


22kg baggage included*

Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how much extra you need to pack when you’re going on holiday! So to make sure that you can bring everything you need (and more), FlyPlus allows you up to 22kg of baggage per customer.


No card fees

With FlyPlus you can sidestep the expense of credit and debit card fees while making sure you enjoy all the convenience of using your card.


Families board first*

It’s a fact - kids hate waiting and parents like to be organised. So FlyPlus customers travelling with family board the plane first. That way you can get all sorted and seated with the minimum of fuss.


Seat Assignment*

When you’re travelling with your family, even getting to your seats can sometimes feel like a marathon.  Or if you’re travelling with a loved one you want to guarantee seats together. That’s why with FlyPlus you can choose where you sit when you book your flight - whether it’s near the doors for a speedy departure or conveniently seated near the loo!


Airport check-in*

With FlyPlus airport check-in is also included to make things as convenient as possible. Choose the airport if you’re checking in with luggage or if you’d prefer choose online if you’re only travelling with hand luggage.


FlyPlus. Loads of great advantages for one great price.

Packed with plus points without going overboard on the budget, FlyPlus is the perfect product that’ll get your holiday off to a flying start.


22kg hold baggage

No credit or debit card fees

Families board first

Seat assignment

Airport check-in


To be included in the price the hold baggage, seat assignment and airport check-in must be chosen at the time of booking and not added at a later date.

Terms and conditions

For full terms and conditions for FlyPlus please click here.