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FlyExtra for business travellers
FlyExtra is a unique bmibaby service, purpose-designed to make life easier for business travellers. Seven great advantages plus a genuine saving on the extras, for one great value price, so you can add convenience, comfort and economy to your journey whilst taking away all the hassle at the same time. Plus this week we're offering the FlyExtra benefits for half price!


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There are seven plus points which make up the FlyExtra service and each one has been chosen with the business traveller in mind.


No Flight Change Fees*.

We know what the world of business is like, and how unpredictable it can be. Meeting times change, deadlines shift, sometimes you finish early, more often you finish late. That’s why we give you the freedom and flexibility to change your flight date and time.


One piece of hand luggage, plus a laptop*.

In today’s uber-tech world of commerce, the laptop is not simply a useful aid to business, it’s an utterly indispensable one. So much so, that being able to take your laptop on board a plane along with another piece of hand luggage is a key advantage for business travellers. 


Fast Track Security Express Lane*.

If your meeting over runs time can be tight at the airport. With FlyExtra you can fly through security and make your way swiftly to the departure lounge.


Airport or Online Check-in

With FlyExtra you have the flexibility of choosing to check-in online if you’re travelling light with hand luggage only. Or if it’s a longer business trip and you’re checking in luggage you can choose airport check-in.


Seat Assignment

It’s stressful enough, heading to or from a busy meeting, and at times you don’t have a big window to get from A to B. With FlyExtra you can pick where you sit when you book your business flight. Whether that’s on the front row or an extra leg room seat, relax in the knowledge that your seat has already been assigned and all you have to do is collapse into it with a sigh of relief.


Complimentary non alcoholic drink onboard*.

If you’re feeling thirsty on your flight you don’t need to buy a drink to quench your thirst. All FlyExtra customers receive a complimentary non alcoholic drink onboard.


No card fees.

You can completely side step the business expense of credit and debit card fees with FlyExtra. We make sure you can enjoy all the convenience of using your card, without being charged any extra for it.


Extra savings.

Finally when you purchase our FlyExtra bundle you make a saving on the extras that are included.


FlyExtra. It’s seven great advantages, for one great value price.

Despite being packed with benefits, FlyExtra isn’t overloaded on price, bringing you a product that all adds up to so much more for your money.


FlyExtra from bmibaby. Business flights tailor-made for you


·         No flight change fees*

·         One piece of hand luggage, plus a laptop*

·         Fast track security express lane*

·         Airport or Online Check-in

·         Seat assignment

·         Complimentary non alcoholic drink onboard*

·         No card fees

To be included in the price the Airport check-in and seat assignment must be chosen at the time of booking and not added at a later date.

Terms and conditions

*For full terms and conditions for FlyExtra please click here.

Fares are subject to availability, one way including taxes.

For travel between 6th February and 27th October 2012.

For bookings made by Tuesday 14th February 2012.

Bookings made using a debit card are subject to a processing fee of £3.50 per passenger per one way flight. Please note a minimum fee of £4.00 will be applied for bookings made with a debit card.

Bookings made using a credit card are subject to a processing fee of £5.00 per passenger per one way flight. Please note a minimum fee of £6.50 will be applied for bookings made with a credit card.

There is no charge for payments made using a Visa Electron card

No refunds permitted

Conditions apply