Cheap flights to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Book a cheap flight to Dubrovnik and prepare to be mesmerised. The sight of the terracotta rooftops clustered on Dubrovnik’s Old Town peninsula, girded by massive stone defences and jutting out into a sea of incredible blue, must be among the most spectacular in all Europe. The city’s shimmering stone streets are full of medieval romance, and the city is a living history book: Dubrovnik was once a city state that rivalled Venice in its trading power. Today, come high summer the glitterati flock here to the cultural festivals and opulent night-spots, while for tourists the mountainous scenery, verdant greenery and mild year-round climate provide a real oasis for body and soul.

If you are planning to take a flight in the summer make sure you check out the Dubrovnik festival. Held in July & August the festival, which started in 1950, promises to be an event worth attending. Hosting a variety of cultural events throughout the city focusing on music, dance and folklore, there’s something for everyone.

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