Cheap flights to Verona, Italy

If it’s a romantic location you’re after look no further and book a cheap flight to Verona.  For someone who never visited this northern Italian city, William Shakespeare certainly wrote passionately about the place: ‘There is no world [outside] Verona walls, but purgatory, torture, hell itself,’ said one of his most famous characters – Romeo Montague. Whether Mr Montague and his tragic wife ever actually lived in the city is now a moot point. The city claimed the story as its own long ago – its via and piazze are filled with Juliet this, and Romeo that. You certainly couldn’t accuse Verona of being a one-trick pony, however, it’s also renowned for its good food and wine, and stuffed with sensational Roman and Renaissance architecture, well deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage status.

Be sure to visit the famous amphitheatre when you take a flight to Verona. The Arena di Verona is known across the globe for the fantastic opera performances held in the mesmerising surroundings. The 89th Opera Festival starts on the 17th June until the 3rd September and is a wonderful event not to be missed.

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Verona (VRN)


Verona-Villafranca Airport is an airport located 3.1 miles southwest of Verona

Public transport

The Aerobus service is available all the days every 20 minutes

Verona AirportVerona Railway StationFrom 06.35 a.m. to 11.35 p.m € 5,00*

Verona Railway StationVerona AirportFrom 05.40 a.m. to 11.10 p.m. € 5,00* (**)

 * Fares may be changed withou notice. (**) First bus departing at 5.40 a.m.

Train-TrenitaliaCall center (from Italy): 892021

Taxies are located outside the air terminal, arrivals hall.

Unione Raio Taxi+39 045 532 666

Taxi & Autoblu+39 045 858 1403

Radiotaxi Catullo+39 045 9815997

Chaffeur+39 045 6311551


At the new Arrivals Terminal there is

a car-park payment point, a bar, an

information point, the bank and some


At the Departures Terminal there are

several coffee-bars, a pizza restaurant,

a restaurant on the first floor, the air

ticketing counter, an Internet point,

ATM, a first aid post, a chapel, a VIP

lounge and various shops.

All the car-rental offices are

Check in

Opens 2 hours prior to flight departure time. Desks close promptly 40 minutes prior to departure.