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You’ve seen the website, now get to know the team behind BMI and see what drives us to make the best Bed, Motor and Insurance website for your holiday, vacation, staycation, road trip or any other travel plans.

Who are we?

Imagine your favourite smoothy, you’d likely throw in a heap of different ingredients, whizz it all up and hey-presto, you’ve got a great tasting, hopefully healthy drink to enjoy. That’s how we like to think our diverse skill sets at BMI combine to make a great product from a group of people with a passion in their field. From the IT guys to the travel junkies, the marketing and content writers to car enthusiast and CRM specialists. Individually you might call us nerds in our respective fields, but blend us together and you get BMI Baby, arguably the best beds, motors and insurance website dedicated to the travel industry – that’s the drive at least, how do you think we’re doing? We’d love to hear from you.

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and coronavirus, we’re largely all working from home at the moment, but rest assured it hasn’t’ affected the way in which we work at all, in fact, it’s opened our eyes somewhat into a new way of working and something we’re look to adopt on a permanent basis as part of our CSR policy.

What matters to us?

Simply put, you. Our users are the single most important asset as without you, it’s a bit pointless really. Second on the list if our people, they matte to us, a lot. Without the great team we have we simply could not deliver the service that we do to our users. We invest in our team to ensure they are trained to deliver excellence at every step of the way.

What do we actually do?

It’s a good question, we do the boring bits that you either don’t want to do or simply can’t do. For instance, did you know there are on average over 10 car rental agents at EVERY international airport in the US? Over 15 at every major tourist airport in Spain and on average at least 5 different rental location across most major cities in the world? Who has the time or inclination to check each and every rental agent rate / availability to find the best price when you can simply do it all in once place. And it’s not only comparing standard prices, due to the nature in which we work with the major rental agents, we negotiate better deals than you would otherwise get if booking direct.

How do we do it?

Think of it like bulk buying, we commit to lots of rental days with the rental agents and get a better deal and pass that saving on to you. Whilst many companies tell you they don’t add a penny or a cent to quote, that’s simply not true. We have to make a small commission on each rental to enable us to operate, but rest assured, the price you pay will NEVER be more than if booked direct and often significantly less.