Cheap flights to Gibraltar, UK

There are many reasons to book a cheap flight to Gibraltar. As famous for the troops of Barbary Macaques that reside on the upper rock as it is for its low priced, VAT free goods and duty free tobacco and alcohol. As you approach Gibraltar you will see how magnificent the rock actually looks rising out of the sea. Made of limestone, the rock itself houses over 140 caves. Thought to be shelters for inhabitants of many years gone by, the caves and tunnels can now be explored on guided tours. For stunning views above ground it’s worthwhile taking a trip on the cable car to the top of the rock. Be warned though, before you have time to take in your surroundings you’ll be met by the local residents, the apes. A very mischievous bunch they won’t be afraid to come right up and take the food from your hand. Once you’ve navigated yourself already the Macaques you can gaze at the sights that surround you.

If that isn’t enough to temp you to take a flight, the price of food and drink is certainly another reason to visit. The food in Gibraltar has many influences including French, British, Moroccan, Spanish and Italian. The local dishes combine both Mediterranean and British flavours to create dishes like Rosto, a pasta dish in a tomato sauce with beef or pork. Seafood is also in abundance and you can find wonderful restaurants offering fresh catch of the day on the east side of the rock at Catalan Bay.

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Gibraltar (GIB)


The airport is  0.6 miles / 1 km from the city centre

Public transport

Buses operate from just opposite the terminal building to the city centre and other routes around Gibraltar.

A taxi rank is situated just outside the terminal building. The journey time to the city centre is approximately 5 minutes.

Check in

Opens 2 hours prior to flight departure time. Desks close promptly 40 minutes prior to departure.