Online seat assignment

How do I assign my seats online?

Follow the simple on screen instructions to pre assign your seats online. Remember to select your outbound and return seats (if you have booked a return flight), you will be prompted to select a seat, after you have entered your personal details. If you do not wish to pre-assign a seat simply click ‘save and continue’.

What does the screen look like and how do I navigate it?

The screen that allows you to select your seat shows an image of an aircraft, the seats on the image are different colours, to the left of the image is a key which highlights which seats are available for you to pre-assign. By clicking on an available seat you will pre-assign it to you or a member of your party, this will be highlighted by ‘tiny.’ To de-select your seat click on it again and make another selection.
What do I do next?

Once you are happy with your seat selection click ‘save and continue’ to proceed to the purchase section.
Is there a charge?

Yes, bmibaby charges from just £5.50 (€6.50) fee per seat, per one way flight for the pre-assigned seating. You will pay for this with the rest of the flight at the purchase stage; the charge will be highlighted separately.

What if I change my mind?

If at any time you change your mind about any part of the booking, simply click the back button (which is on each page). However, once you have entered the payment details and confirmed the flight you will need to contact the Reservations department on 0905 8282828 (Calls cost 65p per minute from a BT Landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks will be considerably more) any changes in dates, times or name changes can be arranged on this number for a fee. Click here to view full terms and conditions.

What if I don’t pre-assign my seat now? how do I get a seat on the aircraft?

bmibaby gives you the option to pre-assign your seats online, at the time of booking if you wish. If you prefer not to pre-assign, we will still allocate you a seat number when arriving at check-in so don’t worry, when flying with bmibaby you will still avoid the scrum for seats.


Laptop usage onboard

Can I use my laptop onboard?

Laptops can be used during your bmibaby flight. However, all electrical equipment must remain switched off during take off and landing and at any time when the seat belt sign is illuminated. Passengers must adhere to our cabin crew instructions concerning the use of electrical equipment.


Mobile phone usage onboard

Can I use my mobile phone onboard?

The use of mobile phones is prohibited on all bmibaby flights. This also includes phones that have a ‘flight mode’ function.



How much liquid can I take through security?

Liquids, gels, cream, perfumes and sprays of more than 100ml/100g are not permitted through airport security. Any liquids of 100ml or less must be carried in a small re-sealable transparent bag.


Refreshments onboard

Can I purchase refreshments onboard?

During your bmibaby flight you can purchase snacks and drinks from the menu provided within your complimentary copy of the 'yeah baby' in-flight magazine. These include hot and cold drinks, alcohol, sandwiches, snacks and confectionary.


Can I bring and consume my own alcohol onboard?

Passengers are prohibited from consuming their own alcohol onboard. Although we do recommend that all passengers keep cabin baggage to a minimum, alcohol may be carried onboard as long as the bottle is sealed and remains sealed throughout the flight.



What else can I purchase onboard?

A range of duty free products are available on board to purchase. These include perfumes, aftershaves, cosmetics and gifts from top named brands such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Benefit, Yves Saint Laurent and Clinique.


Pre-booking champagne

Can I pre-book champagne to celebrate a special occasion?

bmibaby are unable to accept pre-orders for items onboard. Upon your arrival on the aircraft, please speak to our crew who will endeavour to assist with your request.


Seat dimensions

How big are the seats on board the bmibaby aircraft?

Our seat pitch (distance between the back of your seat and the back of the seat in front) is between 29 and 31". Our seat width (distance between the armrests) is between 16 and 17".


Additional seats

I require an additional seat, how can this be arranged?

If you are unable to fit into a single seat for any such reason you will be required to purchase additional seating. Please call our reservations line on 0905 8282828 (Calls cost 65p per minute from a BT landline.  Calls from mobiles and other networks will be considerably more).


Advertising with bmibaby

How can I advertise with bmibaby?

bmibaby have an in-flight magazine ‘Yeah Baby’. For all enquiries regarding advertising in 'Yeah Baby' please contact-
Stuart Wass

Group Publisher


tel: 0044 (0)207 613 8777