Shopper Discounts & Rewards

Shopper Discounts

What is Shopper Discounts and Rewards?

Shopper Discounts and Rewards is a membership scheme that provides online shoppers with the opportunity to save money on purchases from a wide variety of well known retailers. Through discounts and other seasonal vouchers, members of the Shopper Discounts and Rewards scheme can receive up to 20 per cent off purchases at the online stores of hundreds of these retailers. In addition to saving money on online purchases, protection benefits including Extended Warranties and Delivery Guarantees are available to all members.

To find out more information about Shopper Discounts and Rewards:

Visit www.shopperdiscountsandrewards.co.uk

Call a customer service representative

Phone (free phone):      0800 731 9935                                         Mon – Fri         8am – 8pm

Sat                  9am – 4pm

Or email [email protected]

What is My Time Rewards?

My Time Rewards is an online programme which provides its members with access to a wealth of discounts and offers for a diverse range of entertainment and leisure activities. This includes money off vouchers for leading hotels, restaurants, spas and health centres. Members can search for vouchers and money off coupons for businesses within their local region.

To find out more information about My Time Rewards:

Visit: www.mytimerewards.co.uk

Call a customer service representative

Phone (free phone):      0800 731 9936                                        Mon – Fri         8am – 8pm

Sat                   9am – 4pm

Or email [email protected]