Terms and conditions

Info for Assistance Companies

Should your passenger have a medical condition or have suffered an injury you should contact bmibaby (0845 8101100) at the time of booking or at the earliest possible time (minimum 48 hours/2 working days before departure).

bmibaby reserves the right to seek medical clearance before accepting any passengers for travel that have a medical condition or have sustained an injury. There is a £40 (€50) fee for all medical clearance, which is payable at the time of request.

Passengers requiring oxygen in-flight must make a request at least seven days in advance through bmibaby (0845 8101100). There is a charge of £100 (€ 125) for the supply of 2 litres per minute ordered per flight. bmibaby are unable to accept passengers for travel that require more than 2 litres of oxygen per minute. All requests are subject to supply availability. For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to use their own oxygen supply. bmibaby reserve the right to refuse travel to any passenger upon recommendation from our company doctor.

The bmibaby team are available Mon-Fri between 0800 and 1730 to deal wirth these requests. 


Please Note

Passengers wishing to use nebulisers or CPAP machines during the flight are permitted to do so once they have completed the medical clearance process as above.