Medical equipment

Medical Equipment


bmibaby currently accept certain medical equipment for carriage by air under certain restrictions. Portable medical electronic devices permitted include automated external defibrillators (AED), nebuliser, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), etc.) containing lithium metal or lithium ion cells and batteries.


In order for carriage of such items on a bmibaby flight to be approved bmibaby must be contacted at least 48hrs in advance of travel with all details of the medical device, including make and model details, and details of any batteries contained in the device and any carried as spares. In some cases medical clearance for the passenger must also be gained by bmibaby and there is a £40 fee payable by the passenger at time of request for this, via the bmibaby reservations team on 0845 8101100.


Medical equipment that is not permitted to be carried under any circumstances include passengers own oxygen cylinders for use in the cabin, oxygen generators and liquid oxygen systems.


If there is any doubt as to the whether your particular item of medical equipment is permitted to be carried on a bmibaby flight then advice and approval must be sought from bmibaby by contacting the bmibaby reservations team on 0845 8101100.


Failure to seek approval for carriage prior to check in may result in the device not being permitted for travel.