Our top booking tips at bmibaby.com


At bmibaby, we value your custom and want your entire booking, check-in and flying experience to be as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have pulled together a list of top tips and reminders to help you along.


Our top tips.....

Name details

Make sure your name details in your booking match exactly how they are written in your passport. An additional fee will be charged to administer any changes either via the call centre or at the airport.



If you are taking hold bags, pay your check-in fee online, to save paying a higher fee via the call centre or at the airport.

Make sure you select the correct weight allowance you wish to take with you. If you turn up at the airport with more than you stated in your booking, you will be charged an additional fee.


Seat assignment

Guarantee your seats together on the flight by pre-selecting your seats online as part of your booking.


APIS data

Make sure you input your APIS data via the 'manage your booking' section of the website before you arrive at the airport. You will need to provide your passport number, gender, full name, nationality, date of birth, issuing country of the passport and the passport expiry date. APIS information is not required for travel within the UK, to Jersey or to the Republic of Ireland. If you forget to do this, an admin fee will be payable at the airport to add these details.


Sporting & musical equipment

If you need to take sporting and musical equipment on your flight, make sure you add these to your online booking. This will save you paying a higher fee via the call centre or at the airport.


And don’t forget.....

Hotels, car hire and airport parking

bmibaby can also provide car hire, hotels and airport parking through its preferred partners. Check out the great deals we have to offer, by clicking on the links on the homepage.


Travel insurance

bmibaby also offer travel insurance as part of the booking process and would strongly recommend that all passengers take out insurance ahead of travel.


Let us inspire you

If you aren’t sure where you want to fly to, let us inspire you. We can suggest where you could fly to based on your budget, the time of year you want to fly and what type of holiday to want to go on. We even have a guide to the best bits that each of our destinations have to offer. Check out our ‘inspire me’ section.


Frequent flyer programme

There is also the opportunity to join the UK's most generous frequent flyer programme, Diamond Club. Click here to find out more.


Our fees and charges.....

In order to remain committed to offering low fares, we apply additional fees and charges to the extra services associated with booking a low cost flight. We will only charge you for what you use, and our booking process allows you to select what you need. If you don't select an extra service you don't pay for it!


Should you wish to use an additional service, please click here to see a table of the charges which would apply.


Our top tip - it will cost you less to add an extra service as part of your online booking rather than phoning our call centre or paying at the airport on your day of departure.


Click here to see a table of our fees and charges.